Customized Referral Page

In minutes you will have your referral page customized to your brand and referral program criteria. Link this page on your website and share with your customers to start generating referrals.

Auto-Pilot Introductions & Follow-Ups

As referrals come in, a sequence of proven email templates will start being sent automatically to the new referral and the referring customer. Emails that introduce you and follow-up emails from you to the referral guaranteeing no lead falls through the cracks..
  • Email Introducing you from referral
  • Follow-up emails from you to referral
  • Thank you emails to referring customer
  • Emails to referring customers with reward

eGift Card Rewards

When you approve a referral, your referring customer will instantly receive an automated eGift Card Reward. You also have the option to send your own rewards.

Track Referrals

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your refer-a-friend program by easily tracking and managing customer referrals.

Show off Reviews

Once the requirement has been met for your customer to be rewarded for their referral, you can send rewards on your own or automatically through GrowAllies.